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The territories of the Engage Alliances are rich of projects and initiatives in line with an open, just and sustainable innovation. Discover those closer to you! 

Who we are

The ENGAGE.EU Platform for Collective Action enables the wider public to participate in ENGAGE.EU (Task 4.5) and R&I activities (Task 6.2).

Open Urbania is part of this action.

It integrates different services, tools and spaces in a user-friendly infrastructure that enables users to find, analyse and create knowledge themselves.

Capacity building, knowledge creation and sharing will be at the core of the activities, emphasizing the role of diversity, human and social capital in the creation of value and of the scientific knowledge. Using emerging technologies will ensure the respect of ethical and collaborative principles, such as: co-governance, tech justice, benefit sharing and territorial impact.

The OpenUrbania section of the ENGAGE.EU R&I Platform for Collective Action will favour the active engagement of citizens, civil society and regional communities, businesses and public/cities authorities in all stages of the research process. Activities to engage with this broad ecosystem of actors by promoting, co- designing, and implementing science outputs, technology and innovation will be promoted and implemented.



Open Urbania’s impact

Impact on the Territory and Local and Urban Context
Environmental Impact
Economic Impact
Socio-Sanitary Impact
Educational, Cultural and Cognitive Impact
Impact on Civil and Social Rights
Technological and Digital Impact
Institutional Impact
Generational Impact

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